Our Story

We are a family run business who are passionate about creating a sustainable brand. We believe in slow living and preserving our planet for our future generations. Our approach is simple, we treat people and the planet with respect and we value each and every component of our process. 

Our 100% linen and linen cotton blend clothing can be worn in the warmer and cooler seasons. Layering our clothing during the cooler months will give you that summer feeling all year round. All our clothing and bedding gets softer and comfortable with each wash. It is the brilliance of linen.

Our Oeko-Tex certified European linen bedding and sleepwear range will help you have a good night's sleep in any weather. Our colour palettes range from white and earthy tones to splashes of colour.

For truly unique designs browse our batik range. Created by local artisans each piece is a unique piece of art and cannot be replicated.

We make handmade jute rugs with local artisans around Sri Lanka. As well as a unique collection of wooden toys for Children to encourage creativity and play. 

Our mission is to support the local artisans and garment workers on the island to create truly unique products for Sri Lanka and share these creations with the world at large. We are proudly Sri Lankan and want to celebrate in our diversity, creativity and philosophy.

We invite you to browse our store and join us on this beautiful journey of sustainable fashion.




We value our time and the time spend in nature. And this leads us into a greater desire to preserve the environment and our planet. Keeping this in mind our goal is to live more sustainably and reducing our own carbon foot print. We strive to make everyday choices that would turn our home into a zero-waste household. Be mindful of our purchases. Starting from the fabrics and accessories we buy to methods we use to manufacture our clothing. So we strive everyday to build strong ethical guidelines and production methods whenever possible.