Ethics and Sustainability

  • Ethics and Sustainability
  • At all times, we try our best to minimize the damage that the fashion industry does to the planet. This is one of our reasons to build our brand around linen, a biodegradable fabric. From the manufacturing of our fabrics in China and Taiwan, we have personally visited our mills to make sure that proper regulations and procedures are followed: That our workers are paid their wages and, that our minor staff are recruited. Our expertise in the apparel industry goes back to over 25 years of working with apparel factories around the world.


  • Sustainability
  • We at Will by Zac are straightforward in how we practice sustainability. We maintain sustainability in fashion to ensure that this only living planet stays alive in each way possible. Each Will by Zac product is attached to a plantable seed tag infused with Tomato seeds and are made out of recyclable paper. By sourcing sustainable materials and implementing ethical manufacturing approaches, we stick to our cores as a sustainable clothing brand in Sri Lanka. For we, at Will by Zac, always stood up to empower the world and continue to make better choices for better clothes and a better world.


  • Our Accessories
  • For a long time, natural linen has been a fashionable choice for everyone who preferred wearing a go-everywhere and easy-care fabric. As for the distinctive texture and weaves of the linen fabric, we follow well-structured techniques to lay out linen. As any basic tread is fine for linen, we most often utilize cotton threads in sewing our clothing pieces. All the buttons we’ve included in all our designs are either cork or shell buttons, as we maintain our codes of sustainability in everything we apply in production.


  • Our Clothing and Materials
  • Will by Zac clothing store exclusively brings out the luxury of linen through unique clothing collections. All our collections are designed and curated with cotton-blended linen contained with biodegradable and recycling qualities, its impact on the environment is lower than other materials. You can wear your most beloved Will by Zac clothing from time to time for a long duration as linen fabric is solid and durable. Linen clothing is an all-season choice for its breathability, which keeps you warm in cold weather and keep you cool in a hot atmosphere.


  • Production
  • Each product in our clothing store is a unique artistic piece that promotes creativity and originality, combined with our own philosophy. By producing everyday choices in specific quantities to suit customer demands, we strive every day to make our process a zero-waste process.

    We support the Sri Lankan artisans and individuals in the apparel industry to elevate their capacities by diversifying the range of ethical and sustainable sources. We support empowering women and humanity by creating the ground for individuals to employ and evaluate their skill set. We inspire ethical and sustainable practices of production to make fashion a guilty-free experience for our valuable customers. While encouraging the production of non-replicable local pieces in Sri Lanka, we share this identity with the world to attract the international value it deserves.