Care Instructions

How to Care for Linen Wear!

It is easy to care for linen to keep it looking beautiful for years to come.


Wash linen at low temperatures in lukewarm or cold and soft water. We recommend using the gentle machine cycle or hand wash with a mild amount of detergent to protect the fabric and the accessories.


To avoid linen fabric from becoming stiff, remove them from the dryer when still damp and hang or lie flat to dry naturally. Stick to low temperatures if you hope to machine dry your linen clothes or textiles.


Unless they are fully crushed, there’s no need to iron linen garments. If you really wish to iron, adjust the temperature to a medium level on the stream setting and iron while it is still damp.

If it is a white linen garment, iron both sides and if it is black, iron only on the reversed side.


Store linen in a cool, dry place and avoid plastic bags, cedar chests and cardboard boxes in storing