At Will by Zac we create responsibly made clothing without compromising on style or ethics.  We blend natural fibres with elegant, contemporary design, taking you effortlessly through morning to night, regardless of the season. 

Honouring traditional craftsmanship alongside working in collaboration with our planet is central to redefining how we dress. We believe the embodiment of sustainability is creating pieces you feel good in and wear time and time again. 

A note from the founder:

“My inspiration to start Will by Zac came from a deeply personal reason: my son. From a young age he was aware about environmental issues and concerned for our wildlife. I felt compelled to make a change, to ensure a better future for him and the generations to come. 

With the gradual shift over recent years away from fast fashion, I began to reflect on my own wardrobe. Learning more about the devastating impact of the fashion industry propelled me into action. I knew this was an area where I could implement change and make a positive contribution to the fashion industry in Sri Lanka and globally.”

We aim to minimise the impact on our planet and our people. We use natural fibres, predominantly linen, which has a lower environmental impact than other materials. The lightweight quality of linen not only looks and feels amazing, it is also fully biodegradable.  Unlike most fabrics, linen softens with each wear, ensuring you get the most out of your clothes. 

With the rise of mass production, traditional crafts are at risk of dying out. The intricate art of batik has been practised in Sri Lanka for generations and is a source of income for many families. By incorporating these unique designs into our collections, we can give it the appreciation it deserves. 

Our vision is to create a more sustainable future through what we wear. Reducing our carbon footprint is at the forefront of our company ethos and behind every decision we make. We are proud to see even the smallest changes are adding up to something big.