Our Story

At Will by Zac we create responsibly made clothing without compromising on style or ethics.  We blend natural fibres with elegant, contemporary design, taking you effortlessly through morning to night, regardless of the season. 

Honouring traditional craftsmanship alongside working in collaboration with our planet is central to redefining how we dress. We believe the embodiment of sustainability is creating pieces you feel good in and wear time and time again. 


A note from the founder:

“My inspiration to start Will by Zac came from a deeply personal reason: my son. From a young age he was aware about environmental issues and concerned for our wildlife. I felt compelled to make a change, to ensure a better future for him and the generations to come. 

With the gradual shift over recent years away from fast fashion, I began to reflect on my own wardrobe. Learning more about the devastating impact of the fashion industry propelled me into action. I knew this was an area where I could implement change and make a positive contribution to the fashion industry in Sri Lanka and globally.”

We aim to minimise the impact on our planet and our people. We use natural fibres, predominantly linen, which has a lower environmental impact than other materials. The lightweight quality of linen not only looks and feels amazing, it is also fully biodegradable.  Unlike most fabrics, linen softens with each wear, ensuring you get the most out of your clothes. 

With the rise of mass production, traditional crafts are at risk of dying out. The intricate art of batik has been practised in Sri Lanka for generations and is a source of income for many families. By incorporating these unique designs into our collections, we can give it the appreciation it deserves. 

Our vision is to create a more sustainable future through what we wear. Reducing our carbon footprint is at the forefront of our company ethos and behind every decision we make. We are proud to see even the smallest changes are adding up to something big.


Ethics and Sustainability 

Simply by buying less and making conscious choices about how we spend our money can have a significant impact on our environment. 

We encourage our customers to purchase fewer yet higher quality pieces. Similar to a capsule wardrobe, our collections are carefully curated making it easy to style outfits for any occasion. 

Our clothes are size inclusive and designed to compliment all body shapes. No matter your size, colour or origin, you’ll find something that will make you feel and look amazing. 

We want you to wear your clothes with confidence knowing that your purchase is contributing to a better world.  

Our Fabrics and Materials

We use 100% linen or linen-cotton blended fabrics. As a natural, biodegradable fibre, the environmental repercussions are significantly reduced. Linen is renowned for its strength and durability, meaning well-cared for pieces can last a lifetime. With additional breathable qualities, linen transcends seasonal fashion keeping you comfortable all year round. 

Our linen is sourced from Taiwan and China by ethical production methods. We spend time on the ground visiting factories where our fabric is made to ensure the highest possible standards of safety and fair treatment for employees.

Producing in Small Quantities

Overproducing creates huge amounts of waste across the retail and textile industry.

By working with a ‘made-to-order’ model, we produce only in small quantities. We listen carefully to the needs of our customers, producing the right amount to fulfil demand. 

Recycling and Repurposing

Throughout our production process, we make sure nothing goes to waste. Excess fabric is saved and repurposed to create low consumption garments such as crop tops and shorts.

We are always looking for innovative ways to minimise waste and this is also carefully considered in our design process.

Safe Working Environments

Ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for our employees is non-negotiable. Many of our artisans live in remote, rural areas and we offer them nearby accommodation for easy access to their workplace. A typical working day is 6-8 hours with plenty of breaks for meals and tea.

We do not tolerate discrimination based on race, colour, gender or religion and work hard to cultivate a safe and supportive atmosphere.

Paying Fair Wages

We treat our employees with respect which, simply put, means paying a fair wage. Their job roles are highly demanding, requiring expertise and meticulous attention to detail. We make sure they receive the salary they deserve.

Being paid fairly means our employees can afford housing, food, child and health care — the essentials to living comfortably. 

Honouring Local Craftsmanship   

Sri Lanka has a rich culture of traditional handicrafts. Many of these art forms are in decline and in danger of being lost. As a predominantly women-led sector, the impact would be devastating leaving many communities without employment. 

We work with a team of 15 to 18 female employees, providing them the opportunity to develop and perfect their skills. We strive to raise the profile of these age-old crafts, guaranteeing their future.

Commitment to Zero Waste

Our primary goal is to be 100% plastic free and we are already well on the way. We avoid synthetic materials in our clothing and have reduced printing across all areas of the company. 

As new entrepreneurs we are constantly learning and adapting our processes with this in mind.  Implementing a zero waste policy into our working standards is a top priority.