Our Toys by Will

Some of you might know that Jennifer Von Hagt is the brains behind Will by Zac. Do you know that she is also an educator and the founder at KOPS Colombo preschool? She's always been passionate about making learning fun and exposing kids to experiential learning. Not to mention, her dedication towards creating a space for children to help focus better on nature has been a constant throughout all her endeavours.


And her latest addition to the product range of sustainable and ethically-sourced wooden toys which facilitates imaginative play inspired by Waldorf and Montessori learning methods.

The toys are eco-friendly, ethically made, non-toxic, and very often made with waste wood and rubber wood. 

Inspired by her son, Jennifer took the plunge, gave up her career in teaching, and immersed herself in creating a sustainable clothing brand, and is currently adding wooden toys to the collection.


The Core Value of our toys

  1. Use of eco-friendly/sustainable and natural materials.
  2. Keeping the health and safety of children in mind, we try our best to provide sustainably-sourced wood of the best quality. All our products are made using either rubber or waste wood.


Real Play

Colour, texture, and various shapes stimulate the child's senses and imagination. The purpose is to encourage open-ended play with Montessori learning.



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